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Party Etiquette: How To Be A Good Guest

There is a lot of info on how to be a great host but very few articles on how to be a good guest. Your host spends a great deal of time putting together the perfect party for you. The host wants you to have a good time and feel welcome but there are some tips for you to have good etiquette as a party guest as well. So what is exactly expected of you?


Even at the most casual parties Emily Post says there are just some things a polite guest must do.

For the love of all mankind please, please RSVP: This is especially important if this is stated on the invitation itself. To you this might be a minor oversight but to the host this can be quite aggravating to not know who is coming and who is not. As a fellow frequent party planner I know first hand that not having a headcount or unexpected guests at certain themed events can be nervewrecking!! You may not have enough favors/food/place settings etc. It can drive you nuts. Especially if you are party obsessed like me. It is the most easy and polite thing you can do. Text, call, tweet, email, pin me, facebook inbox, messenger…something…geez

Be On Time: This is quite self explanatory. If it says 1:30 that doesn’t mean your target time should be 3pm. I know there are those who like to show up late to make their “grand entrance” or like to be late to make sure others will already be there but throw all that at the window and be on time. I know I am guilty of showing up late to things these days with kids, hair, pregnancy. It’s rough but I do at least try. By all means though do not be that person that shows up early either. That is also a no no.

Be Helpful: If you see that the host is running around still trying to get things prepared politely offer to help him/her out. Believe me, your offer will be very much appreciated. Even if the host refuses it will still be noted.

Mingle: You don’t have to wait for the host to introduce you to the rest of the guests. If your host is running behind (which I most of the time am…don’t judge) take it upon yourself to introduce yourself to other guests at the party. Don’t be the Debbie Downer in the corner eating up all the appetizers with a blank stare on your face. Get up and work the room. Make some new friends. 

Don’t Come Empty Handed: This is not exactly one of those rules that I think pertains to all parties but it is good etiquette to ask the host if they need you to bring anything. Most of my party guests always bring wine (which is very much appreciated). You can NEVER have enough wine. Maybe you can’t afford to bring a gift but can make a side dish to go with the dinner menu or something. If it isn’t a birthday party I wouldn’t worry about the gift too much BUT if you do bring wine don’t take it back home with you at the end of the night if it wasn’t opened or used…that is just TACKY!! Have some class people.

Don’t Bring Extra Guests: Or children! If your host has specifically asked you not to bring children then please honor that requests. I have seen this alot at weddings. The invite will say no children and there will always be those couples who will bring the kids anyway. It’s so rude!! If you can’t find a sitter then politely decline the invite. This also goes for added guests. Do not bring extra guests with you without checking with the host/hostess first. You never know what is planned and sometimes this can add tension at a party.

Leave All Unresolved Issues At Home: Sometimes the host can have friends who do not get along with each other. As adults I believe we all should be able to be in a room and still show and treat each other with respect but this isn’t always the case. Do not expect your host to not invite any person you are in a disagreement with just because YOU have an issue. Suck it up, get some pride and schedule another day for name calling and weave pulling. By all means if you know you cannot control yourself (especially after a few glasses of wine) politely decline the invitation.


Say Thank you: Make it a point to say a polite thank you to the host or hostess for their hospitality. They have spent a great deal of time trying to make sure you are having a good time. Say thank you and drive safely.

Photos via: partyswizzle.com ,rumorfix.com


Black and Blush Wedding and Party Supplies

Eat Me Cupcake sticks {via VintageTwee}



Black Mini Cupcake Wrappers {via PaperNPeace}



Save The Dates: Whimsy Elegance {via BeaconLane}



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Hot Air Balloon Lantern 40% off Sale

Get them while you can. CreateItGirl is having a three day 40% off sale on all hot air balloon lanterns.  Just visit the shop and upon checkout use coupon code: FULLOFHOTAIR. Sale ends July 10, 2013








Send Off Ideas for Weddings

Sky “Wishing” Lanterns



I found some on Amazon for a pack of 14. Come in different colors, fully assembled and 100% biodegradeable. 

Pom Pom Wedding Exit {via OnceWed and EmmalinaBride}





Balloon Release Exit {via Chris Chambers Photography}



Sparkler Exit {via Style Me Pretty}



Umbrella Exit {via Weddings In Iowa}



Bubble wedding Exit {via The Knot}



Paper ribbon Streamer Wands {via CreateitGirl courtesy of Elana D.}



However you choose to exit…Do it in style!! How are you planning to send off? 

Vintage Lingerie Party Inspiration

Here are a couple of ideas to give you some inspiration for throwing a vintage lingerie bridal shower, birthday party or event.

Decorations {via Andreas Lingerie Shower}


Props {via Belle Maison}


Girls Night In {via Southern Aisle}


Lingerie Party Invite {via Anistadesigns}


Cake {via FollowPics}


Lingerie Decoration {via Mary Elise}


Shower setup {via The Sweetest Occasion}


Feather Boas {via Saecca}


Lingerie Pops {via Simply sweets}


Shower Favors {via Bonjour Berry}



Name the Nightie – pick out names for each “nightie” she gets and then write them all on pieces of paper so on her honeymoon – her husband can choose a “name” and then she would wear the corresponding gown. Funny game for a bachelorette party or lingerie shower!

Honeymoon Blackout-What would happen if the lights went out while the Bride and Groom were on their honeymoon? Could the Bride get dressed in the dark? Blindfold the Bride and read this story as you help her get dressed into some very silly clothes!

Whose Panties are these?-On the invitation, ask everyone to bring an unwrapped new pair of underwear for the guest of honor and have them discreetly drop it into a bag or basket as they arrive at the shower. Play a game of Whose Panties are These? by having her guess which guest brought which panty – if she gets it right, then she gets to keep them, if she gets it wrong, then she has to try again. The bride-to-be goes home with a new panty wardrobe!

Bag Ladies– Once all guests arrive for your lingerie party, the hostess passes out a brown grocery bag to each guest. As this is being done, explain to your guests that they are to place the bag on their head and it is not to be removed until she says. Then the hostess will tell everyone to remove something they don’t need. This is when the fun really begins! Those who catch-on quickly will remove the bag and watch as the other guests begin removing other items such as a watch, necklace or… perhaps even more. The last person to realize that it’s the bag that she doesn’t need, wins a prize.

Ex Charades-Divide into two teams and take turns pretending to be one of the bride’s former BFs, hookups, or crushes.


Unique Ideas for Escort Cards

Here are some great ideas for escort cards at your next wedding or event. It is always fun to come up with new ways to tell people where they are sitting. 

Hanging Cards {via 100LayerCake}



Grouped Bookmarks {via IntimateWeddings}



Roledex Escort Cards {via 100LayerCake}



Beach Cards {via Publiboda}



Golf cards {via VibrantBride}



Floating Escort Cards {via IanJohnson}



Puzzle cards {via TheSweetestOccassion}Image

Taxi Cab Escorts {via AllWomenStalk}



Noisemaker Escort Cards {via MarthaStewart}



Kaleidoscope Escort cards {via Bridesmaid}


Greener Hotel Wedding Reception Choices DFW

For the next wedding or event you plan in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area consider the hotels that are leaning towards a more sustainable/green approach. Many of them provide spectacular wedding venues and reception options.

Sheraton Dallas Hotel. Sheraton Dallas is all about going green. You can enjoy a $5 voucher at participating beverage and food outlets at check out for each night you decline housekeeping!! Yep, this means reusing your towels each night ladies and gentlemen…I know.I know.a hard concept for some to grasp but it will feel good to conserve. 🙂


Wildwood Inn. (Denton)  An enchanting European inspired property and is among the best Eco friendly and green hotels. They recycle their plastic, paper, glass, metal and cardboard. Offer towel reuse options and have water saving toilets, massaging showers and energy saving lighting.


Nylo Dallas/LasColinas. Nylo has the latest features in hip, urban design and is a leader in green hotels with it’s energy efficient building constructed of brick and concrete. They use low-wattage lighting, bottle their exclusive bath and body line in recycled containers and they help to fund research and development of renewable energy sources. Yay for Nylo!


Hotel Palomar Dallas. A luxury hotel on a mission to support a sustainable world. They have a Kimpton Earth Program that involves using employees ideas for making a better environment, using green cleaning products and practices, creating gardens and buying local/organic for their dining, partnering with the Nature Conservancy and The Trust For Public Land to help them raise funds for projects, earth friendly meetings AND…if you drive up to one of their hotels in a hybrid car they reward you by giving free or seriously discounted parking!! (so impressed right now) They are also green certified and welcome any ideas from guests on how they can keep their environmental footprint as light as possible. ROUND OF APPLAUSE, STANDING OVATION!!!!


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