Okay, the pics are here. I told you I was going to host a murder mystery party and use some of my finds at the party. There wasn’t too many detailed pics because I was so stressed the day of…(hosting a mystery party can get overwhelming) but I did the best I could with trying to get pics of the decorations. I turned my house into a haunted mansion. It took me a whole week of decorating to make my vision come to life. It was hard work but a lot of fun!!!

We used the Immortal Murders Game Kit from Dinner and a Murder. It’s one of the best games I have been able to find. It’s unscripted and gives you step by step instructions to make the game run smoothly. This is my second game from them. My first one was Four Deuces. 

Bought these creepy finger soaps and coffin boxes to use as favors for the guests, although I didn’t get time to assemble all my coffins so I didn’t use them 😦 

Printed free “Germs Are Scary” Label to put in coffin to go with soaps.

Bought these syringe pens from Joann’s for $1

Made my own mini mini bar

The corner photobooth

AFTER the party pics….(I forgot to take before pics) ….. My house was a mess

Cupcakes are gone but no one would touch the dirt and worms??? Recipe here

The guests….

The party ended up being a success. Everyone enjoyed themselves even though we had some last minute cancellations. Advice for anyone that decides to throw a dinner and murder party:

1.Make sure to invite people you KNOW for sure will be there and save yourself the headache of trying to rearrange characters.

2. Keep in mind that not everyone knows Party RSVP etiquette. Not everyone realizes that is polite to let the host who sends the invite know what your intentions are even if it is “no”.  Ignoring an invite is just rude.

3. If you are on a budget, the $1 store sells great things that you can transform into something fabulous if you just use a little imagination 😉

4. MarthaStewart. com is great but you can find some great FREE party printables online. I found some here

4. Make sure you have a plan B for cancellations ( or have more than a couple glasses of wine…then you won’t care)

5. Have fun and go with the flow