Planning a party and cannot decide red or white? Go with green. The Sierra Club put together an expert panel of wine tasters and gave all these eco wines their top scores and the winners are…. (on a scoring system of 1-10)

Sauvignon Blanc, Ceàgo Vinegarden 2007 Redwood Valley, CA
PRICE: $16 | SCORE: 7.8. 
Ceàgo shuns chemical fertilizers and pesticides, using only homeopathic sprays

Pinot Grigio, Fetzer 2007 Mendocino, CA
PRICE: $9 | SCORE: 7.25.   Fetzer is powered by renewable energies (solar, wind, and geothermal), and its other green moves include composting and reducing its landfill-bound materials by 95 percent since 1990

Chardonnay, Handley Cellars Estate 2006, Anderson Valley, CA  PRICE: $20 | SCORE: 6.9. Handley is 75 percent solar powered, avoids using chemicals whenever possible to prevent runoff, and makes its wines from organic grapes.

Riesling, Banrock Station 2006 | Riverland, South Australia
PRICE: $7 | SCORE: 8.8.  The company has contributed more than $5 million to wetland-conservation projects, installed water-conserving irrigation systems, and runs the solar-powered Wine and Wetland Centre

Pinot Noir, Sokol Blosser 2006 | Dundee Hills, Oregon
PRICE: $38 | SCORE: 7.1  Sokol Blosser is organic, has been certified by Salmon-Safe (, and was the first winery to earn LEED certification.

Merlot, Fairhills 2008
Western Cape, South Africa
PRICE: $10 | SCORE: 5.7.  Fairhills wines are made of handpicked, organic grapes from vines more than 10 years old.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Wente 2006
Livermore Valley, CA
PRICE: $25 | SCORE: 8 Wente’s Farming for the Future program aims to enhance soil vitality, minimize water use, and reduce waste.

Zinfandel, Quivira 2006
Sonoma, CA
PRICE: $34 | SCORE: 7.4 Quivira, which is 100 percent organic and solar, has been working since 1998 to restore a nearby stream in which steelhead and salmon spawn.